Inflatable Sports Tunnels

The sports arena is home to great shows of athleticism, teamwork, and courage. At Inflatable Gurus, you’ll find a wide selection of custom inflatable products appropriate for any field, court, or arena. Create an exciting entrance with inflatable team tunnels. Pump up the crowd by dressing up in a custom inflatable mascot costume, or simply get the word out about your brand with an advertisement or product replica on the sidelines.

Creating inflatable mascots, tunnels, and other products all starts with an idea. Send us your concept, which can be as simple as a sketch or line drawing. From there, our designers turn your idea into a 3D rendering and then an actual product.

Each of our products ships with all the necessary equipment needed for setup, including blowers, a storage case, and instructions. If you have any questions about our inflatable sports tunnels, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 858-775-9293, or fill out our online form if you’re ready to turn that idea into an inflatable reality.